The world's first API for interactive email. Start sending interactive emails from your application immediately.

Bring your application into emails.

Bring powerful interactions from your application like booking an appointment, taking a survey or leaving a review and push them directly into users’ inboxes. You’ll increase engagement and reduce friction.

cat <<'EOF' | curl -X POST \

-H 'Authorization: Bearer API TOKEN' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \ -d @-
   "email": {
     "preview": true,
     "campaignId": "581271fb29a10c001c076def",
     "to": "",
     "from": "",
     "subject": "Example Subject",
     "context": {
       "rid": "%%emailaddr%%",
       "customHeader": "",
       "customFooter": "",
       "gallery": {
         "height": "400",
         "width": "600",
         "thumbHeight": "64",
         "thumbWidth": "64",
         "thumbBorder": "#333",
         "thumbBorderSelected": "#0096d6",
         "hasArrows": true,
         "tooltip": {
           "background": "#0096d6",
           "color": "#000",
           "border": "#ffffff",
           "text": "Click thumbs for more images"
         "images": [
             "src": "",
             "href": "",
             "src": "",
             "href": "",
         "fallback": {
           "type": "image",
           "href": "",
           "src": "",
           "width": "600",
           "height": "600",
           "alt": "Alt Text"

It’s easy, even if you’re new to email.

We make it easy for developers to build interactive emails. You don’t have to worry about the complexity of developing for email or rendering interactivity within the inbox. We’ve already taken care of it.

Here’s how we’ve worked with TurnTo.

TurnTo, one of the leading review providers in the marketplace, turned to us allow their customers to capture reviews in an inbox. They’re now building millions of emails on the fly, programmatically. We’ve helped nearly double the reviews they’ve collected.

Built for Developers.

Built API first, with intuitive request formats and error reporting.

99.9% Uptime.

Robust fault tolerance insuring none of your data will be lost.

Personal Support.

Contact with the engineers building the product for fast issue resolution.


Our API allows customers to access all the key parts of the Rebel platform. You can access templates, create and edit campaigns, get HTML for sending and even send emails directly. For a more in-depth understanding of our API basics, check out our `Getting Started` guide.

Our request structure is straightforward to develop against. While it’s a bit too complicated to cover in a paragraph, we do have a full write up on our structure.

If you are a marketer looking to send the same email to a large batch of people, you should look at our Rebel Mail offering. But if you are looking to send individualized messages to each of your recipients or you want to automate the creation of interactive emails, then our API is the tool for you.


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