The Home Depot + REBEL

How The Home Depot Doubled Their Product reviews program with actionable emails


The Home Depot (THD) understands that shopper feedback influences purchase decisions. Their robust review program was weekly, automated, and pushed subscribers to the website to review their purchased product. Although THD’s review program included personalization and dynamic content, its success depended on a subscriber’s motivation (and patience) to click out of the email and onto the site.

According to Reevoo stats, 50 or more reviews per product can mean a 4.6% increase in conversion rates! Home Depot’s traditional review rate was 3.92%. THD aspired for a more seamless review process to increase the number of completed reviews week over week  to drive increases in long-term conversion rates!

Rebelmail worked with THD’s agency, Digital Additive, to:
1. Decrease friction and drop-off by enabling in-email review functionality
2. Increase volume of completed reviews


Home Depots in-email review experience

THD and Digital Additive recreated their on-site review form in-email by leveraging Rebemail’s interactive email solution.

The in-email form included:

  • Dynamic Content to showcase the purchased product
  • Star ratings
  • Hidden fields
  • Text input fields

Interactivity now allows subscribers to complete the review within the inbox on desktop and mobile. The Digital Additive additive team worked with Rebelmail to stand up a one-time implementation of the new interactive review from using the Rebelmail’s campaign builder. Furthermore, in order increase the volume of completed reviews, THD and Digital Additive pushed captured subscriber information directly into their review provider.

The in-email review form was triggered and sent in the same weekly cadence as their original program. THD and Digital Additive deployed the Rebelmail powered campaign through their ESP

(note: RM is compatible with all major ESPs) without any change in workflow.

In addition, the Rebelmail Dashboard collected information around subscriber behavior such as:

  • Interactions (i.e. anytime a subscriber selects a rating or begins to type in a text field)
  • All submitted subscriber responses


HD saw an immediate increase in performance. Interactivity resulted in a 55% boost in completed reviews compared to static controls across mobile and desktop. In 3 months, they’ve sent over 20M emails, seeing an average of 20,000 completed reviews a week.

Boost in accepted reviews to review platform compared to static send: 55%



Boost in submitted reviews