Frequently Asked Questions

Which email clients support Rebel Mail emails?

Our emails work in all major email clients (iOS Mail, Apple Mail, Gmail, Yahoo, Android). The emails also degrade gracefully to more limited versions for users using less featureful or unsupported email clients. Read more about our client support.

Can I still use my existing ESP with Rebel Mail?

Yes. Rebel works with all major (and most minor) ESPs.

What about Google AMP?

AMP is still in development. REBEL emails take full advantage of the functionality in every client. Build once in REBEL and your emails will be interactive in clients with or without AMP support as well as a fallback for clients with no support for interactivity.

What analytics are collected and how?

We track all the industry standard analytics, plus every interaction within the email. Every gallery click, dropdown choice and accordion expansion is tracked, and we present you with unparalleled engagement metrics within our dashboard.

Do our customers need to download any plugins for Rebel emails to work?

Nope. We take advantage of the newest native capabilities of email clients to provide our interactivity with no lift on the customer’s end. Learn more about client compatibility here.

How secure is Rebel Mail?

Very. As a team we prioritize the safety of our client’s data. We’ve undergone and passed rigorous independent security audits and we are constantly improving our security protocols to match emerging threats. We’re happy to discuss any specific questions you may have.