Introducing REBEL API LITE

The easiest way for devs to build emails

Forget about pesky email client rendering or learning a new markup language. Send JSON and receive responsive HTML emails


Use what you know

The first API to use JSON for rendering fully responsive HTML that works in every email client


Our HTML is built with accessibility in mind. ensure your emails are usable by those with visual or auditory disabilities.

100% Responsive

Responsive out of the box on all major email clients.


We monitor the latest rendering of emails to ensure your HTML will reflect the latest support standards for each client.

Re-usable components

Style once and reuse across your templates

All major eSPs supported

Send with your Email Service Provider

Send REBEL emails with your existing email stack. No integration required.

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Works On All Major Email Clients

Our emails are rigorously tested across all major email clients and render perfectly on web, desktop and mobile.

  • ✔ Microsoft Outlook
  • ✔ Apple Mail
  • ✔ Gmail
  • ✔ Google Inbox
  • ✔ Yahoo! Mail
  • ✔ Office 365 Mail
  • ✔
  • ✔ AOL Mail
  • ✔ Samsung Email App
  • ✔ Windows Live Mail
  • ✔
  • ✔ iPhone / iPad / iOS / Android
  • ✔ Chrome / Firefox / Safari / Edge

Responsive by design

Over half of all emails are opened on a mobile device. Our HTML is fully responsive.

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Complex email made simple

Easily achieve complex layouts that work across all clients and devices

Simple Pricing

Compare our two APIs

Two platforms to build the next generation of email


Lite API

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Actionable API

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Static components
Actionable components
Analytics on in-email behavior
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What you Get

Lite API Features

Build with JSON

No need to learn a new markup language. Send Json recieve clean, responsive HTML emails that work across all email clients.

100% Responsive

Over 50% of emails areopened on a mobile device. Our emails are responsive across devices.

Re-usable components

Style once and reuse components across your email templates.


Building emails accessible to those with disabilities is hard. Our components ensure a usable experience for all.

Email/slack support

Our success team is at the ready to help you build magical emails.

Send with your ESP

Send emails existing email service provider.


We test our HTML across all major email clients to ensure your emails are always up to date with the latest email client rendering.