JSwipe + REBEL

The Inbox: A Love Story


JSwipe is a Jewish dating app with users in over 70 countries. The JSwipe team relied on push notifications to communicate with their users and while it works well for many users, they knew they needed to do more when it came to inactive users. Push notifications were not enough to bring people back to the app; especially for users who did not opt-in to receiving push notifications. The JSwipe team knows one channel isn't a enough for robust engagement programs. To re-engage inactive users—especially those without push enabled, they asked "how do you inspire people to log back in? How can we grow app usage within our  inactive segment?"

When Bryan Welfel, Co-Founder of JSwipe, saw Rebel’s solution he immediately realized how powerful it could be.

We needed to address inactive users, and push notifications alone weren’t enough. Working with Rebel and Braze, we developed a strategy to create an engaging inbox experience to drive users back into the app.

The JSwipe team sent their first email campaign to re engage inactive users which included a big first: actionable interactivity.

Bryan and the Rebel team set a goal to increase app usage for inactive users. The target was a segment of users who had been inactive between three and five weeks. Half the segment would receive an email with interactive content and the other half would receive just the existing push notification drip.


Using a Rebel powered interactive template and deploying through Braze (formerly Appboy), JSwipe populated four potential matches for each user into email.

Through Rebel technology, the user was able to like and reject matches right within the inbox. Their actions were recorded in real time to JSwipe’s servers using webhooks, leading to a seamless email to app experience.

If one of the users that the email recipient liked had already liked them, the JSwipe app would immediately notify them of a match. Additionally, once the subscriber interacted with all four matches, they were shown messaging to drive them to visit the JSwipe app.

JSwipe and Rebel wanted to use interactivity to bring the app experience into the inbox. By viewing and participating with real content, subscribers were reminded of the app. Seeing some great potential matches turned out to be pretty good inspiration to open the app and keep swiping!


Subscribers did not miss a beat when it came to the email’s interactive elements.

“We saw a 26% interaction rate. That’s huge, especially for a list of users who had gone cold,” said Bryan.

Subscribers went on to interact with the Rebel content 4x each, completing all of their matches.

“18% of people who interacted went on to open the JSwipe app. And most importantly, we had a 30% lift in users opening the app.”  This is compared to the control group that only received the existing push notification trickle campaign.

The Rebel email resulted in 5,000 more right swipes and 2,000 more matches, compared to the static email and push notification combination. Given the success of the test, the team is setting up the campaign for automated delivery.

Yep, we’re expecting our interactive save the dates any day now 😉.