Announcing Our Salesforce Marketing Cloud Analytics Integration

Announcing Our Salesforce Marketing Cloud Analytics Integration

We're very excited to announce a new integration! Rebelmail Analytics is now available via Data Extensions inside of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

This means you can take your all new interactive-specific data and use it within your Salesforce Marketing Cloud tools. For example, use Rebelmail analytics to start or influence journeys via the Journey Builder or parse it to gain details on your users for progressive profiling.

About Our Stats

One of the most exciting things about interactive email is all the new user behavior and actions we are able to capture. We allow our brands to log as much of a user's actions as possible.

Take an Add to Cart experience for example, a user could browse images in a slideshow, make size and color selections in a dropdown or swatch, and never clickthrough to your site. However, we surface this valuable user behavior and you now have an opportunity to retarget these engaged subscribers in new and interesting ways.

Brass Tacks

Every action a user takes within a Rebelmail email will be automatically added to a Data Extension inside of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. There will be one Data Extension per sent campaign and it will be created when the events start rolling in.

You can enable this integration at any time and we will also port all of your pre-integration Rebelmail campaign data over to Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

How to Enable the Integration

Currently the integration is enabled on demand by the Rebelmail team, but it does require you to input a few details into your integration settings inside of the Rebelmail Dashboard. Specifically we will need write credentials for your Salesforce Marketing Cloud, that includes your Stack, Client Id, Client Secret. These will be used to create and edit the Data Extensions via the Salesforce Marketing Cloud API.

Get started

Our current customers sending with Salesforce Marketing Cloud will be contacted about how to best take advantage of this new integration. If you're a new customer who wants to start sending interactive emails we'd love to hear from you. Get in touch.