Announcing Rebelmail

Today we are beyond excited to launch Rebelmail. Rebelmail allows brands large and small to build and send truly interactive emails to their customers.


Interactive emails allow users to take immediate action in-email, considerably reducing friction. Our emails have resulted in a huge boost in email engagement for our pilot brands, particularly on mobile devices.

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Our first emails feature elements like photo galleries and dropdowns. These allow users to learn about products, select options (size,color, or quantity ) and add a product directly to their cart, within an email.


\n  We track every interaction a user has with our emails.\n


Beyond Opens and Clicks


Opens and clicks have been the top level metrics for email performance since the inception of email marketing. With interactive email we’ve unlocked a trove of new engagement data that has proven invaluable to our customers. We track every interaction a user has with our emails. Every photo viewed in a gallery and every dropdown used is recorded and surfaced in realtime to better inform future marketing decisions.

These stats can be consumed via our new analytics dashboard or our API to pull metrics into an existing business intelligence or CRM tool.

The future of email

We take much of these features for granted on the web and we at Rebelmail are excited to bring email into the future. We’re starting with powerful templates for commerce in-email but we’re already working with brands on templates with functionality we never thought possible inside of emails.

I am so grateful to team Rebelmail for the countless hours and love put into this product. One of our customers told us we empowered him to deliver magical experiences to his customers and some have even accused us of witchcraft :)


This just happened #TEDC15 via @M_J_Robbins— Kate Rados (@KateRados) August 27, 2015
@M_J_Robbins is the Tony Stark of email design. #TEDC15— Jeremy Sandlin (@jsandlin85) August 27, 2015

Its been many long nights playing with old Blackberries and slaving over Lotus Notes in the device lab. I know we are all excited to unleash this magic to the world.


Email client support

Email clients are fickle and render the same email differently. We’ve worked to ensure our interactive emails work on as many clients as possible and degrade elegantly to a static fallback in clients that do not yet support interactivity. Around 70% of emails globally are opened on clients that support our interactivity. Read more on client support here.

Keep your ESP

Rebelmail sits on top of some of the best ESPs in the world. We are already sending emails for brands through ExactTarget, SailThru, SendGrid, Mandrill and others. You can continue using your existing tool and maintain your sender reputation and deliverability score.

Get Started

We are finalizing partners for Q1 and excited to work with brands who would like to empower their customers to act quicker and engage with their users in new ways.

Request access to the product on our site or email with any questions.