New @ Rebel: Preference Center

Every week, we're highlighting  some of our favorite customer campaigns and Rebel solutions. This week, we're introducing the new preference center solution.

Creator: Rebel Team

Many of our best solutions come from our customers. We noticed that  interactivity is often used in a welcome series. It makes sense--subscribers are highly engaged with initial messaging. Our customers take advantage of this attention and survey and collect data, using it to further personalize and target their subscribers.

The Rebel team designed a fun, visual in-email preference center to collect subscriber information. In this example for a beauty brand, subscribers are able to select their complexion and product interests. The template includes swatches, dropdowns, and other interactive elements and feels like a web experience!

Customers like Nextdoor, Diane Von Furstenberg, and WeWork use the the preference center in their welcome series emails to drive submission rates by 60%!

Plus the interactivity makes these emails look super sexy. Check 'em out:

Select Interests Right Inside The Email!