Every user matters

Email client support at Rebelmail.


One of the first questions people often ask about Rebelmail is about support.  It's a fair question, the things we build haven't been seen in email before so not all email clients are ready to support them.

The way we see it, every user is important, whether they are using a modern email client like Apple Mail, or an old fashioned client like Outlook.  So we use some very clever code to only show the advanced parts of the email to the users who are able to engage with them and users who can't will see a simple layout like they always have done.

To simplify all the rendering differences across the hundreds of email clients, we group them into 3 groups; Interactive, Limited and Static.

Interactive - these email clients support all the advanced features we build, we ❤ these ones the most.

Limited - these email clients support some of our advanced features, some features may also require a slightly different layout to get them working here.

Static - these clients don't support any advanced features. However we will still deliver a beautifully rendered email, it just won't be interactive.

Interactive email clients

61% of email opens1

  • iOS
  • Apple Mail
  • Android - Ice Cream Sandwich and up 2

Limited email clients

3% of email opens1

  • Yahoo!
  • AOL
  • Android - Gingerbread, Honeycomb

Static email clients


36% of email opens1

  • Gmail
  • Outlook desktop3
  • Outlook.com
  • Windows Live mail
  • Gmail mobile app

Stats taken from emailclientmarketshare.com based on 1.27 billion opens in October 2016
Android KitKat and up no longer has a native email clients, instead it uses Gmail app as default. But these stats refer to other apps on Android
Outlook on Mac can render as Interactive but is usually delivered as Static as there is no support to submit the data gathered in the email