Introducing Multiple Modules

We always say that interactivity works best when it mimics a familiar experience. A recent update to the Rebel dashboard allows you to stack multiple interactive elements in a single campaign, just as you would do on your website or app.

Here are some ways you can use this new feature:

  1. Stack photo galleries to showcase products from different categories
  2. Use the tabs to feature your best articles and an NPS survey at the bottom of the email
  3. Reveal a promotion and allow subscribers to search for different products


In this example, there are two stacked interactive experiences. The first is a photo gallery showcasing some super trendy terrariums. Below, the tabs module is used to explain how to care for your new plant friends.

You can stack different modules or the same module multiple times in a single email. There is no limit but file size and your imagination. This feature is available through the Rebel dashboard or API.