Introducing Rebelmail Modules: Photogallery

Introducing Rebelmail Modules: Photogallery

An easy, quick way to enhance your email campaign with interactivity is through the photogallery module. The photogallery is immediately familiar to subscribers--it’s such a common website feature. Similar to the web, the photogallery module allows subscribers to tap on thumbnails or arrows to view multiple images. The photogallery module eliminates the need for super long email campaigns.

Does anyone scroll to the bottom, anyway?

You can use the photogallery to highlight content:

Use the photogallery to showcase multiple products or styles:

If user does not tap through the gallery, the module will automatically cycle through the images. Use the gallery to add context to content and showcase new features, but make sure you’re not hiding content from your subscribers.

Performance and Best Practices

Because it’s a familiar tool, it’s important to judge the photogallery module’s performance the same way as you would judge that of a photogallery on the web. Like on the web, the images featured in the photogallery module need to be compelling for it to perform. The content surrounding the photogallery needs to encourage the subscriber to interact, as well.

A photogallery alone will not convince a subscriber to convert.

In one example, a brand used the photogallery to encourage subscribers to clickthrough to various vacation destinations. Each thumbnail featureed a different location and once selected, the main image became a call to action. The beautiful images as well as the clear CTA, made this a powerful use for the photogallery module.

2.8% of subscribers who received the interactive version of this campaign interacted with the module. This campaign also resulted in a 5% lift in CTOR compared to the static send.

Photogallery Functionality

  • Upload images and thumbnails into the Rebelmail builder
  • Recommended thumbnail size is 64x64
  • Recommended feature image size is 400x600
  • Recommend using up to four thumbnails
  • Use a tooltip to drive interactions.

Photogallery Placement

You can place a photogallery anywhere! Use it to show various coupon codes during your holiday sale. Use it to celebrate the launch of a new product. Use it during your onboarding series as a teaching tool.

The photogallery module is easy to set up through the builder or our API. Have a great use case for the photogallery? Want to see a demo of the gallery? Drop us a line at