Introducing Rebelmail Modules: Tabs

Introducing Rebelmail Modules: Tabs

An email with a 10% coupon may drive sales in the short term, but crafting a strong narrative in your email campaign builds the connection between your brand and your subscribers.

This connection is what keeps subscribers coming back to your website. An effective email marketing campaign in the long-term is personal, story driven and engaging.

Interactivity invites subscribers to participate in your brand story by empowering them with choice (just like the choose your own adventure books you read as a kid!).

The Tabs module, for example, condenses content into multiple sections.

Touching each tab reveals a new piece of content. Each tab is an opportunity for a subscriber to become more informed, more inspired, and more likely to take further action with your brand.

Through interactivity, subscribers are given control on whether or not they want to interact with email content on a deeper level. When they do interact, it is as if they have discovered the content on their own. It's a powerful experience.

Consequently, each subscriber becomes a much more engaged lead.

Performance and Best Practices

In the below example, a travel brand used the tab module to collect information on subscriber's dream destinations. Each tab featured a different style of vacation and once selected, the main image changed.

The email content depends on a subscriber's physical action.

Rebelmail also tracks which tabs were selected, so if you want to retarget and personalize a follow up campaign based on subscriber selection it is easy to do so!

Tabs see between a 3% - 6% interaction rate and subscribers interact with the tabs an average of three times each.

The first interaction requires the most push and that's where your content comes to play! Compelling imagery and clear instructional copy drive interaction.

Tabs Functionality

  • Use the Rebelmail builder to populate the tabs with content
  • This input accepts HTML.

Tabs Placement

Tabs are an awesome fit in your triggered email campaigns. Use it during your onboarding series to teach subscribers how to log-in or set up a profile. Each tab can be a different step in a tutorial.

Feature many different products in your emails? Tabs are also a great fit to showcase multiple sales and coupon codes.

Do you have ad units in your newsletter? Tabs allow you to get creative with them!

The tabs module is easy to set up through the builder or our API. Have a great use case for the modules? Want to see a demo? Drop us a line at