Security at REBEL

Security at Rebelmail

At Rebelmail, our highest priority is data security.To keep your data safe, we ensure that proper safeguards are in place at every level.

Physical security

Our Datacenters are managed and run by Amazon Web Services. Data centers have the following physical safeguards:

  • Data centers are manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Access to the data centers are limited to Datacenter technicians
  • Access to the data center floor is logged for audit purposes, with interior and exterior security camera surveillance monitoring
  • Physical security audits are conducted regularly by an external firm

System security

We go beyond physical security to protect the infrastructure behind our system; Rebelmail ensures networks which contain sensitive customer information are subject to stringent and comprehensive testing:

  • All systems are protected with enterprise grade firewalls
  • Security patches are applied on a regular basis
  • Software systems and engineers constantly monitor our network
  • Configuration changes are applied via automated management systems and logged for auditing purposes

Operational security

To ensure that Rebelmail operates its systems in a secure manner, we also have the following security provisions:

  • Datacenters are SOC compliant
  • Access to confidential information and our backend systems are limited to authorized personnel only; access is in accordance with documented processes
  • All our employees are trained on documented information security and privacy procedures
  • Each Datacenter performs background checks for all data center personnel
  • Rebelmail performs background checks on all personnel who have access to customer data
  • System access is logged for auditing purposes
  • We have Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans in place
  • Rebelmail limits access to customer data to authorized personnel only

Feedback and Questions

Your feedback is very important to us. To learn more about our security practices or for other questions please email To report a potential security issue, please email