Meet our newest rebellion, Rebel Shop. True one-click checkout in-email.

Turn emails into a shop.

Email still drives more conversion to purchase than any other channel. We’ve harnessed that power to reduce friction and empower customers to make a purchase directly from their inbox.

Shopify is available today.

If you’re a store on Shopify, sign up to join the waitlist and we’ll send you a link. If you’re on an enterprise solution like Magento, Demandware (SalesForce Commerce Cloud), Hybris, or ATG, request a demo.

We’ve done the heavy lifting.

We took care of all the grunt work, so sending Rebel Shop emails is as easy as flipping a switch. We’ll take care of everything else.

Get in-email conversion data.

Go beyond opens and clicks to get in-email conversion data.

We work with your existing ESP.

Rebel integrates with all major ESPs and we’re always adding deeper integrations.

We’ve made it extremely secure.

We’re fully PCI compliant, with additional security built just for email.


Rebel Shop works like any marketplace on the web. We provide the technology, security, and platform to execute payments and fulfill orders, you bring your subscribers.

Our initial product is focused on Shopify stores. In order to get started sending all you will need is a Shopify store and a Stripe account to authenticate into our platform. If you are on another platform or payments processor, get in touch — we’d love to know.

Right now Stripe will be processing your payments. If you are on another payments processor, get in touch — we’d love to know.

Whenever payments are involved security is a major issue, and introducing payments to a new platform like email comes with unique challenges. For Rebel Shop all the standard payments security precautions are in place, including PCI compliance. In addition we have structured our product to be as secure as possible, we only gather credit card information over secure HTTPS connections. Our emails are also built in order to have email forwarding protection.

Our Shopify integration means that orders are processed in the Shopify system. When one of your customers places an order, Rebel Shop creates a draft order in your store. We then process the payment information and confirm payment. Once the payment is confirmed, we change the orders status from draft to complete then you’ll be able to fulfill the order using your normal processes.

To start, we are only supporting Shopify stores, but we are looking to expand our offering now. If you are on another payment platform we’d love to know. Reach out to get in touch.

Our first use case is Abandoned Cart, we’re looking to expand to new use cases shortly. If you are on another use case, get in touch — we’d love to know.


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